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Getting There & Away

From Santiago, three airlines operate flights to Juan Fernández. There are usually daily flights between September and April, with fewer departures the rest of the year. The 2¼-hour flight takes six to 12 passengers and there is typically a 10kg weight restriction for luggage; note that climate is a major factor with flight schedules – foul weather on the island can provoke last-minute departure changes and cancellations.

Flights with Aerocardal and ATA depart from Santiago's International Airport, while Lassa operates out of Santiago's Aeródromo Tobalaba. Upon arrival at the island, passengers take a one-hour boat taxi (included in the airfare) to the pier of San Juan Bautista. Return flights require a minimum number of passengers to depart, so keep travel arrangements flexible enough to allow for an extra day or two on the island. Consult the airlines for prices, but count on paying upwards of CH$550,000 round-trip.

It is possible to reach Robinson Crusoe by sea from Valparaíso aboard the cargo ship MN Antonio, which makes the voyage twice each month. The crossing takes between 40 and 45 hours and the ship has capacity for just 12 passengers. MN Antonio typically stays in the archipelago for two to five days before returning to the mainland, making it possible to do a round-trip journey of between seven and 10 days, leaving ample room for schedule changes.