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Catch any bus bound for Mejillones and disembark at the junction of La Portada to reach Monumento Natural La Portada (CH$1800, ½ hour). The bus station is 1½ blocks southeast of the plaza.
Airline in Antofagasta


Sky flies to Santiago (daily from CH$44,000, two hours) and La Serena (from CH$46,000), plus one weekly flight to Concepción (from CH$60,000, 2¼ hours, Friday).
Bus in Antofagasta


Long-distance service from this terminal 1½ blocks southeast of Plaza Colón.
Airline in Antofagasta


LATAM has several daily flights to Santiago (from CH$44,000, two hours).
Bus Station in Antofagasta

Terminal de Buses Cardenal Carlos Oviedo

About 4km north of the center.
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Convenient downtown location.
Bus in Antofagasta

Pullman Bus

Long-distance bus service.
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Gran Via

Bus in Antofagasta

Condor/Flota Barrios