Patagonia Expeditions

Trekking in Anticura

Co-run by a young, enthusiastic climber from Osorno, Patagonia operates the concession on Centro Turístico Anticura. Short hikes – trail fee CH$1000 – from the visitors center include Salto de Princesa, Salto del Indio – where, according to legend, a lone Mapuche hid to escape encomienda (colonial labor system) service in a nearby Spanish gold mine – and Repucura, which ends back up on Ruta 215 (buses come careening down the highway; walk on the opposite side).

There's also a 4km steep hike up to a lookout point.

Excursions from here include climbing Volcán Casablanca (1960m; CH$40,000); Volcán Puyehue (2240m; CH$55,000, or CH$90,000 along with the 2011 Puyehue eruption crater), nocturnal waterfall visits and multiday treks. A restaurant serves three meals a day (CH$5000 to CH$9000).