Ancud restaurants

Cafe in Ancud

Café Amaranthine

Well-regarded Peruvian chef Sandra Echegaray opened this drop-dead adorable cafe, Chiloé's first organic and vegetarian option, in 2017. Rustic-chic touches like colorful wrought-iron chairs and mismatched retro cou…
Pub Food in Ancud

Retro's Pub

Having reopened in a grittier space near Plaza de Armas in 2016, Ancud's most timeless bar is divey in all the right ways. The menu is chock-full of Tex-Mex, burritos the size of Kansas (fork required), killer burge…
Chilean in Ancud

Restaurant Quetalmahue

They still prepare curanto the traditional way, called curanto al hoyo, in a few places around Chiloé, including this pilgrimage-worthy staple in Quetalmahue, a small fishing village 12km from Ancud. Outside of the …
Cafe in Ancud

Café Blanco

A very welcome addition to the Ancud dining scene, this cozy Castro transplant occupies a colorful and rambling old Chilote home and is a requisite stop for sandwiches, salads, and sweet-tooth-satiating cakes and pi…
Chilean in Ancud


This year-round classic has an extensive menu of underwhelming seafood, but it's really all about the curanto, Chiloé's gastronomic bombshell. This hearty stew of mussels, clams, chicken, pork and three types of pot…
Cafe in Ancud

El Embrujo de Chiloé

This cozy cafe is always packed with discerning locals, sipping decent cappuccinos coffee (CH$1000-CH$2800) or catching a quick sandwich on the cheap. There's a playful witchcraft undercurrent and it feels more Chil…
Market in Ancud

Cocinerías Mercado Gastronómico

Tucked away off Dieciocho is a series of down-home market stalls dishing up cazuela (meat and vegetable stew), chupe (fish casserole) and set lunch menus for around CH$2500 to CH$7000.
Supermarket in Ancud


Ancud's best supermarket.