Top Choice Museum in Ancud

Centro de Visitantes Inmaculada Concepción

Don't even think about visiting Chiloé's Unesco-listed churches without first stopping in at this excellent museum housed in the former Convento Inmaculada Concepción de Ancud (1875). It's home to wooden scale model…
Top Choice Museum in Ancud

Museo Regional de Ancud Aurelio Bórquez Canobra

The worthwhile museum, casually referred to as Museo Chiloé, offers interesting displays tracking the history of the island, including a full-sized replica of the Ancud, which sailed the treacherous fjords of the St…
Fortress in Ancud

Fuerte San Antonio

During the wars of independence, Fuerte San Antonio was Spain's last Chilean outpost. At the northwest corner of town, late-colonial cannon emplacements look down on the harbor from the early-19th-century remains of…
Church in Ancud

Iglesia Catedral

Ancud's main cathedral.