Arts & Crafts in Bukhara

Bukhara Artisan Development Centre

Here you can watch artisans at work on a variety of handicrafts including suzani, miniature paintings, jewellery boxes and chess sets.
Carpets in Bukhara

Tim Abdulla Khan

For carpets, you couldn’t ask for a better shopping atmosphere than at the silk-weaving centre in this late-16th-century building, located near Taki-Telpak Furushon Bazaar (a tim was a general market). Vendors are n…
Carpets in Bukhara

Unesco Carpet Weaving Shop

This no longer has anything to do with Unesco (which helped them launch in 2001), but you can still observe weavers here hand making pricey silk carpets and suzani with unique Bukhara designs.
Market in Bukhara

Shahriston Market

The virtually tourist-free Shahriston Market is in a large courtyard, where locals trade jewellery, carpets, clothing and other handicrafts among themselves and relative bargains can be had compared to things on sal…