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Maghoki-Attar & Museum of Carpets

Between the two covered bazaars, in what was the old herb-and-spice bazaar, is Central Asia’s oldest surviving mosque, the Maghoki-Attar, a lovely mishmash of 9th-century facade and 16th-century reconstruction.This …
Museum in Bukhara

Fayzulla Khojaev House

The Fayzulla Khojaev House was once home to one of Bukhara’s many infamous personalities, the man who plotted with the Bolsheviks to dump Emir Alim Khan. Fayzulla Khojaev was rewarded with the presidency of the Bukh…
Museum in Bukhara

Museum of Art

The Museum of Art has a worthy collection of mostly 20th-century paintings by Bukharan artists. It’s in the former headquarters of the Russian Central Asian Bank (1912). Look out for works by Zelim Saidjuddin, the B…
Gallery in Bukhara

Photo Gallery

The Museum of Art is a Photo Gallery containing mesmerising photos of Bukhara Jews, gypsies and city life shot by Bukhara Iranian photographer Shavkat Boltaev.
Museum in Bukhara

Sitorai Mohi Hosa Museum