Top Choice Historic Building in Bukhara

Char Minar

Photogenic little Char Minar, in a maze of alleys between Pushkin and Hoja Nurabad, bears more relation to Indian styles than to anything Bukharan. This was the gatehouse of a long-gone medressa built in 1807. The n…
Historic Building in Bukhara

Nadir Divanbegi Khanaka

On the west side of the square, and built at the same time, is the Nadir Divanbegi Khanaka, a sufi cloister used for religious ceremonies, debates and instruction. Both this and the medressa opposite are named for A…
Monument in Bukhara

Hoja Nasruddin

On the east side of Lyabi-Hauz is a statue of Hoja Nasruddin, a semi-mythical ‘wise fool’ who appears in Sufi teaching-tales around the world.