Treat your hotel phone and its often hidden and outrageous rates the same way you’d treat a thief. Using wi-fi in the room for Skype is the most common way to connect.

Mobile Phones

Travellers can easily purchase prepaid mobile phones (from €30) or SIM cards (from €10). GSM phones can be used throughout all countries in Central Europe. Mobile shops are everywhere. Shops in large train stations are especially adept at getting visitors set up.

You can bring your mobile phone from home and buy a local SIM card to enjoy cheap local calling rates if it is unlocked and compatible with European GSM networks. Check first.

If you bring your mobile phone from home, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Check international roaming rates in advance; often they are very expensive.
  • Check roaming fees for data usage for email and web connections; users of smart phones (eg iPhones) can get socked with huge fees. You may be able to buy a data package to limit your costs.