Asparagus season is in full swing; look for seasonal menus that include the much-prized white variety. Castles and outdoor village museums are now fully open, but it's too soon for high-altitude hiking.

Prague Spring

Czech composer Bedřích Smetana inspired Prague's most famous classical-music festival, which lasts from mid-May into June. It kicks off with a parade from Smetana's grave to the performance hall where his opera Má Vlast is staged.

Czech Beer Festival, Prague

In Prague, for two weeks from mid- to late May, the Czech Beer Festival pours more than 70 brews from around the country. It may be mild compared to Germany's Oktoberfest, but the three big exhibition-ground tents do give off a similar vibe.

Druga Godba, Ljubljana

In mid-May, Ljubljana hosts a week-long festival of alternative and world music with bands from around the globe. The venue, a sprawling 18th-century monastic complex, is in rich contrast to the modern sounds.