World Heritage Sites

Unesco’s World Heritage list contains more than 80 of Central Europe’s cultural and natural gems. Following their trail would take you to all of the region’s states but one (alas, little Liechtenstein has yet to garner recognition). Here's a sampling.

  • Škocjan Caves, Slovenia There’s an unimaginably deep chasm to cross by footbridge while exploring these caves
  • Wartburg, Germany A timber-and-stone edifice near where Bach was born is the only German castle to make the list
  • Kutná Hora, Czech Republic A 14th-century townscape built outside Prague by silver-mining interests
  • Białowieża National Park, Poland In the furthest eastern reaches of Poland, the drawcard here is the magnificent European bison
  • Bardejov, Slovakia Slovakia’s best-preserved Gothic-Renaissance town square, surrounded by 15th-century walls
  • Pannonhalma Abbey, Hungary Buildings in northeastern Hungary’s most ancient abbey date to the 13th century, but the library boasts even older treasures