Old Towns

Central Europe’s Old Towns are legendary. You’ll hardly turn a corner without bumping into a Gothic arch or a medieval buttress. The ancient aura is perhaps best experienced in the more compact pedestrian centres.

  • Český Krumlov, Czech Republic A stunning castle, baroque buildings and the winding Vltava River make this one of the Czech Republic’s most charming Old Towns
  • Bratislava, Slovakia The rabbit-warren-like streets in the Slovakian capital are studded with more outdoor cafes than you can shake a drink at
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia This lovely town has a hilltop castle perched above narrow streets and riverfront plazas
  • Kraków, Poland The stunning medieval centre escaped the ravages of WWII and, as such, is one of the region’s best preserved Old Towns
  • Salzburg, Austria ‘If it’s baroque, don’t fix it’ seems to be the motto in this incredible Old Town in the Austrian Alps