Definitely don’t miss the dark, light, sweet and wheat beers crafted in Germany. But don't limit yourself to hops as there’s plenty more regional imbibing to do.

  • Bison vodka, Poland Locals claim vodka was invented in Poland; try it here, flavoured with cherries or berries – or with grass from the bison fields
  • New wine, Austria In autumn when an evergreen branch appears over the Heurigen (wine tavern) door, you know effervescent new wine is available
  • Budvar, Czech Republic The original ‘Budweiser’ beer is still made today in České Budějovice; tour the factory or taste it at a beer hall
  • Wine, Switzerland Unesco-recognised vineyards climb from the shores of beautiful Lake Geneva and the neighbouring region of Valais
  • Fruit brandy, everywhere Look for fruit-flavoured firewater (OK, they usually call it ‘brandy’) all across the region. Slivovica is flavoured with plums, pálinka with apricots…