We can learn a lot from history in a region that was ripped apart by several world wars – both hot and cold.

  • Berlin Wall, Germany Reverberations were felt across Europe when the wall dividing East and West Germany came down in 1989; what remains is part outdoor art gallery, part walking trail
  • Memento Park, Hungary An amazing collection of Hungary’s socialist and Soviet-inspired statues that were removed from public spaces after the fall of communism
  • Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland Two of the most infamous Nazi concentration camps remain partially standing as a heart-wrenching memorial and museum
  • Vienna, Austria In this rococo capital to a vanished empire, history looms grandly around every corner
  • Terezín, Czech Republic A fortress ‘community’ that was actually a waypoint for Nazi death camps; exhibits include poignant pictures and poems by children once held there