Top Choice Sports in Cholpon-Ata

World Nomad Games

Held every two years in even-numbered years, this gathering of global sportsmen competing in traditional nomadic sports is a highlight of the entire region. Sports competitions are held at the Hippodrome just east o…
Top Choice Cultural in Khorog

Roof of the World Festival

This annual celebration of culture was initiated as a small scale festival in Khorog in 2008 and has expanded to become a regional expression of traditional Pamir customs and values. Dancers, artists, craftspeople a…
Top Choice Cultural in Murgab

At Chabysh

Aimed at reviving and strengthening the traditions of horsemanship of the Kyrgyz Pamirs, this annual festival features traditional horse sports interspersed with musical recitals and poetry recitations. It also incl…
Top Choice Cultural in Almaty


The big spring festival, celebrated throughout Central Asia, sees colourful parades in the city, and horse racing and often kokpar (buzkashi; the traditional Central Asian pololike sport played with a headless goat …
Sports in Karakul & Ysil-Art Pass

Roof of the World Regatta

At 3914m, the high altitude of this regatta turns the already energetic activities of kite-surfing, rowing and kayaking into an extreme sport. Established in 2014 as an annual event, this three- or four-day regatta …
Cultural in Astana

Astana Day

The day that Astana became the capital of Kazakhstan is celebrated in a big way, with the square behind the Palace of Peace & Harmony usually serving as the focus for concerts, a fairground and fireworks. Other …
Cultural in Samarkand


During Samarkand’s Navrus festival you'll find dancing, live music and other performances, plus fireworks in Navoi Park. Ask travel agencies or tour guides about the annual Navrus kupkari (Tajik buzkashi; traditiona…
Sports in Sary-Mogol

Yak and Horse Games Festival

Worth planning around if you'll be in the area in late July, for a gathering of horse games and a somnolent rendition of kok boru on yaks held by the shores of Tulpar Köl. Contact CBT for exact dates.
Cultural in Shymkent


Shymkent’s Navrus (Nauryz) celebrations, on 22 March, are among the biggest in the country. Kokpar, horse races, audaryspak (horseback wrestling) and kyz kuu (a boy-girl horseback chase) all happen at the Ippodrom (…
Cultural in Nukus


The annual Pakhta-Bairam festival takes place on the first Sunday after Karakalpakstan meets its cotton-picking quota, usually in late November or early December. Competitions are held in traditional sports such as …