Top things to do

Top Choice Volcano in Masaya & Los Pueblos Blancos

Parque Nacional Volcán Masaya

Described by the Spaniards as the gates of hell, the craters that comprise Volcán Masaya National Park are the most easily accessible active volcanoes in the country. The two volcanoes at the park, Masaya and Nindir…
National Park in Western Honduras

Parque Nacional Cusuco

Just 45km from San Pedro Sula, but remarkably difficult to access, Parque Nacional Cusuco is a cloud forest nestled in the impressive Merendón mountain range. The park has abundant wildlife, including parrots, touca…
Cave in Northern Lowlands

Venado Caves

Four kilometers south of Venado (Spanish for ‘deer’) along a good dirt road, the caves are an adventurous excursion into an eight-chamber limestone labyrinth that extends for almost 3km. A bilingual guide leads smal…
Nature Reserve in Southern Peninsula

Reserva Natural Absoluta Cabo Blanco

Costa Rica’s oldest protected wilderness area covers 12 sq km at the tip of the Península de Nicoya. The unique park is covered by evergreen forests, bisected by a hiking trail and flanked by empty white-sand beache…
Wildlife Reserve in Southern Peninsula

Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Curú

Situated at the eastern end of the peninsula, this tiny, 84-hectare wildlife refuge holds a great variety of landscapes, including dry tropical forest, semideciduous forest and five types of mangrove swamp. Some 17 …
Cultural in Costa Rica

Día de Juan Santamaría

Commemorating Costa Rica’s national hero who died in battle against William Walker’s troops in 1856, this weeklong celebration includes parades, concerts and dances.
Fiesta in Costa Rica

Costa Rican Independence Day

With events all over the country, Costa Rica’s Independence Day is a fun party. The center of the action is the relay race that passes a ‘Freedom Torch’ from Guatemala to Costa Rica. The torch arrives at Cartago in …
Ruins in León & Northwestern Nicaragua

León Viejo

Buried and lost for over 300 years, this was Nicaragua’s first capital – a rough-and-ready settlement that some say was doomed from the start. Founded in 1524, the town was governed by a series of unusually cruel an…
Outdoors in Alta & Baja Verapaz

Lagunas de Sepalau

Surrounded by pristine forest, these turquoise lagoons are 8km west of Chisec. Recently developed as a community ecotourism project by local villagers, tours of the area include a fair bit of walking and some rowboa…
Cave in Alta & Baja Verapaz

Cuevas de B'ombi'l Pek

A mere 3km north of Chisec, these painted caves remained undiscovered until 2001. They haven't been fully mapped yet, but some claim that they connect to the caves of Parque Nacional Cuevas de Candelaria. The commun…