Central America is a safe and exciting destination for families with children. Beaches on two coastlines, wildlife-rich forests and endless opportunities for adventure are guaranteed to thrill kids of all ages.

  • At the time of writing, pregnant women (and women who are trying to get pregnant) are advised against traveling to Central America, due to the Zika virus.
  • Be sure children are up to date on all routine immunizations. Some recommended vaccines may not be approved for children, so be careful they do not drink tap water or consume any questionable food.
  • For more ideas about family travel, see Lonely Planet’s Travel with Children.


  • Do not expect all the amenities that are available at home, as you're unlikely to find conveniences such as high chairs in restaurants, cribs at hotels, or changing tables in public toilets.
  • Many car rental agencies offer child seats (for a fee), but they must be reserved in advance and quality is not guaranteed.
  • Formula, diapers (nappies) and other baby necessities are widely available in grocery stores.
  • Discreet public breastfeeding is common, though less so in urban areas.