Cultural in Costa Rica

Día de Juan Santamaría

Commemorating Costa Rica’s national hero who died in battle against William Walker’s troops in 1856, this weeklong celebration includes parades, concerts and dances.
Fiesta in Costa Rica

Costa Rican Independence Day

With events all over the country, Costa Rica’s Independence Day is a fun party. The center of the action is the relay race that passes a ‘Freedom Torch’ from Guatemala to Costa Rica. The torch arrives at Cartago in …
Religious in El Salvador

Fiestas Agostinas

Celebrates El Salvador’s patron saint. All cities have festivities; San Salvador’s is the biggest.
Cultural in Comarca de Guna Yala

Guna Revolution of 1925

One of the biggest holidays in Guna Yala is the commemoration of the anniversary of the Guna Revolution of 1925. It marks the day when the Guna rebelled against the Panamanian police occupying the islands, and expel…
Cultural in Comarca de Guna Yala


The Nogagope celebrates a traditional dance and takes place on Isla Tigre. The event is marked by communities from outlying islands converging on the island and dancing for three days straight. The event is followed…
Parade in El Salvador

Dia de Indepencia

This national holiday is observed annually to commemorate independence from Spain.