West Bay attractions

Beach in West Bay

Barkers National Park

The first national park in the Caymans, Barkers combines low scrub, dense mangroves and long, sandy beaches. There are no amenities here, but it's a beautiful spot for cycling, horseback riding and kitesurfing. The …
Aquarium in West Bay

Cayman Turtle Center

This is essentially a petting zoo for sea turtles. There are lots of turtles swimming in tanks, and guests are invited to handle the young turtles (who are clearly distressed by the experience). If you pay for the '…
Tourist Attraction in West Bay


A little hamlet with a big parking lot, this is an obligatory stop on many tours that coyly promise to ‘take you to Hell and back’. The jagged ironshore landscape is vaguely intriguing, but would somehow be more int…