Accessible Travel

Grand Cayman is a relatively friendly destination for travelers with disabilities:

  • Many resorts offer accessible rooms, including the Ritz-Carlton and Sunshine Suites. Many restaurants and shopping malls around the island are also wheelchair accessible.
  • Other services are available such as beach wheelchair rental.
  • Accessible Caribbean Vacations offers sightseeing tours and snorkel excursions (including Stingray City) for wheelchair-bound travelers.
  • Wheelchair-accessible activities include Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and Cayman Turtle Center.
  • Wheelchair-accessible boats and vans facilitate transportation and boat tours.
  • George Town and Seven Mile Beach have well-maintained sidewalks, most of which have ramps. (Outside the capital, sidewalks are not common.)

There is one major challenge that wheelchair-bound travelers may face. The cruise ships do not dock at a pier, but rather shuttle passengers to shore on tenders. These smaller boats have ramps that allow wheelchairs on and off, but access may be prohibited by bad weather or other factors.

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