Top Choice Gardens in North Side

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

A veritable treasure trove of the island’s native species. The park is home to orchids (in bloom late May through June), parrots and other birds, and nature trails.The real star here (or should we say stars?) is the…
Top Choice Beach in George Town & Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach

Although it’s really only 5½ miles long, this gorgeous strand of flawless white sand stretches north from George Town and anchors Grand Cayman’s tourist industry. It’s perfectly maintained, features shady trees in p…
Top Choice Museum in Little Cayman

National Trust Visitors Centre

This should be your first island stop. It’s a combination of museum, cafe (the luscious homemade ice-cream is amazing), information center and gift shop (T-shirts read ‘Little Boobies’). It backs onto the Booby Pond…
Historic Building in Bodden Town

Pedro St James

An imposing waterfront Caribbean great house dating from 1780, ‘Pedro’s Castle’ has served over the years as everything from jail to courthouse to parliament before making the transition to museum. Touted as the Cay…
Gallery in George Town & Seven Mile Beach

National Gallery of the Cayman Islands

Housed in impressive new quarters, the national collection includes contemporary Cayman and Caribbean works.
Museum in George Town & Seven Mile Beach

Cayman National Museum

The museum collection includes a variety of exhibits on the islands’ cultural and natural history and an engaging audiovisual presentation. It’s housed in George Town’s oldest building, which dates from the 1830s. D…
Landmark in George Town & Seven Mile Beach

Ugland House

On the outside it looks like a slightly gaudy, slightly dated smallish office building, yet more than 18,000 corporate entities have registered this place as their address. It led US President Barack Obama to say in…
Beach in George Town & Seven Mile Beach

Governor’s Beach

A beach area within Seven Mile Beach, this is the antidote to the carnival atmosphere at the Seven Mile Beach public access point. Hidden between resorts, the tree-shaded parking lot opens onto a section of beach th…
Cave in Bodden Town

Pirate Caves

Right in Bodden Town, this is a big hit with kids, as you can explore caves where pirates apparently hid their treasures in the past, along with a mini-zoo, a petting pool for freshwater stingrays and displays of va…
Historic Building in Bodden Town

Mission House

Two blocks west of Bodden Town’s compact center is another of the island’s oldest buildings. Battered by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, the mid-18th-century wood-frame house looks better than ever. Displays inside and out …