Dangers & Annoyances

Petty and violent crime is rife, mostly as a result of increasing drug problems. At night, walk in groups or take a taxi. The Village Chinois (aka Chicago) area, south of the market, should be reached by taxi.

Emergency & Important Numbers


Internet Access

Most hotels, cafes and restaurants have wi-fi for guests.


Banks and ATMs are all over the city, but traveler's checks and foreign currency can only be cashed at cambios (currency-exchange offices).

Global Transfer Central location.


Bureau de Poste The most central post office in Cayenne.


Digicel, SFR and Orange all offer SIM cards for €15-20, which includes €5-10 of credit. Top-ups are available at shops and restaurants all around town.

Tourist Information

Comité du Tourisme de la Guyane Filled with pamphlets, maps and information, this tourist office, geared toward all of French Guiana rather than Cayenne specifically, is always staffed with someone to answer questions. An information desk at the airport theoretically stays open late for arriving flights.

Office du Tourisme A tourist office with information specific to Cayenne, though the staff weren't particularly knowledgeable or helpful at the time of research.