Tourist Information in São Filipe


This well-run outfit offers island tours and trekking excursions, books plane and ferry tickets and can arrange hire cars. Its most popular outing is a full-day excursion to Chã das Caldeiras, visiting the...

Tourist Information in São Filipe

Zebra Travel

Based out of Colonial Guest House, Zebra Travel offers guided volcano climbs and day trips to the crater.

Travel Agency in Mindelo

Barracuda Tours

A full-service travel agency that can book flights, car rentals, accommodation and tours.

Tourist Information in Mindelo

Tourist Info

This kiosk near the harbour offers info on attractions on São Vicente and beyond, and books a variety of activities, excursions and tours. São Vicente maps available for CVE220.

Tourist Information in Santa Maria

Info Kiosk

Near the Hotel Nhá Terra and the beach, this info kiosk is a good spot to book outdoor activities like boat trips, turtle-watching, horseback riding and island tours.

Tourist Information in Praia


There's a tourist info kiosk on the northeast corner of the Praça Alexandre Albuquerque in the Platô, but it was none too helpful when we passed through.

Tourist Information in Cidade Velha


Just past the Pelourinho, in a building near the waterfront, this is a handy spot for info on the area. Public toilets are next door.