Historic Huts

Only by entering the historic huts of explorers can you truly sense what it must have been like on early expeditions. In black-and-white photos of the era, explorers crowd around a table or pack together in groups of bunks. When you step inside Scott’s hut at Cape Evans, you suddenly realize that these men didn’t crowd together just for the photographer – this was how they lived every day. Note also the rough construction of the huts’ interiors – the buildings were only expected to be in use for two or three years, so they were built in a hurry.

Today the huts are all locked. A representative of New Zealand’s Antarctic Heritage Trust (AHT; www.nzaht.org), which maintains and conserves the huts and establishes visitor guidelines, accompanies you into them. AHT representatives are very familiar with the huts and can point out things visitors would otherwise miss. A tip: keep backpacks, life jackets and other gear away from the huts so their modern look doesn’t spoil your photos.