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Biking around the islands is an extremely pleasant way to see the sights, but don’t necessarily expect drivers to accommodate you (or have much grasp of what it’s like to be a cyclist tackling a hairpin bend uphill). Sadly, bicycle lanes in the urban environment are minimal, although Las Palmas now has cycle lanes and beachside boulevards are increasingly incorporating space for bike riding.

If you plan to bring your own bike on a flight, check whether there are any extra costs and whether you’ll need to disassemble and pack your bike for the journey.

Taking your bike on ferries is pretty straightforward, and the good news is it’s either free or very cheap.

Bicycle Hire

You can rent mountain bikes and city bikes at various resorts and in the more tourist-orientated areas of the islands. Expect to pay a minimum of €12 per day, with a standard deposit of around €50. Rental rates will include a helmet and some basic equipment.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria offers free bicycle hire with several pick-up and drop-off locations throughout the city. See By Bike LPA (www.bybikelpa.com) for more information.