Food in Yaiza

Ahumadería de Uga

Bizarrely for an island bereft of rivers or lakes, you'll spot delicate, delicious smoked salmon on menus everywhere. Back in the 1970s, a German couple began importing salmon to feed Lanzarote's expats. Today,...

Market in Teguise

Mercadillo de Teguise

First launched in the 1980s with just 16 artisan vendors, Teguise's enormous, very touristed Sunday-morning market carpets the old town, with flamenco on the church plaza, an infectious buzz in the bars and...

Cheese in Southern Lanzarote

Quesería Rubicón

One of the island's best places to buy local goat’s cheese – and you can taste it first. Choose between smoked, fresh, semicured, or coated with paprika or traditional gofio (ground, roasted grain used in place...

Ceramics in Yaiza

Centro de Artesanía La Antigua Escuela

A small, cheerful artisans' complex for picking up original jewellery, colourful prints, hand-designed tiles and other local crafts. Some of the artisans have stalls at Teguise's Sunday market.

Market in Haría

Mercadillo de Haría

Every Saturday, Haría's shady, cafe-lined main square morphs into a wonderful, lively local crafts and produce market, filled with artisan jewellery, original artwork, aloe-vera products, organic fruit and veg...

Market in Playa Blanca

Mercadillo Marina Rubicón

This twice-weekly arts and crafts market sees artisans set up shop along the water, showcasing everything from olive oil to handcrafted jewellery.

Arts & Crafts in Haría

Taller de Artesanía Reinaldo Dorta Déniz

This town hall-supported craft workshop sees local artisans producing silverware, ceramics, embroidery and charming pieces made of palm leaves and reeds. You can watch the crafters at work before buying.

Market in Puerto Calero

Mercadillo de Puerto Calero

Artisan stalls flaunting locally made jewellery, pottery, handbags and other trinkets fill harbourside Plaza de las Carpas for this twice-weekly market.

Books in Puerto del Carmen


With a couple of branches across the island, this is a handy English-language bookshop stocking Lanzarote hiking guides.