Church in Valverde

Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Concepción

Valverde's church is a simple three-nave, late-18th-century structure crowned by a bell tower with a railed-off upper level that serves as a lookout. Beyond the neo-baroque façade, you'll find a magnificent...

Canarian in Valverde

Tasca El Charquete

Cram into this snug, locally loved tasca, where peach-orange walls, cheery service and a short-but-sweet chalkboard menu set the tone for heart-warming island cooking with just a touch of contemporary flair:...

Bistro in Valverde

La Mirada Profunda

Don't expect anything as pedestrian as a menu at this elegant, purple-walled, bistro-style pick. Instead, chef Antonio García Corujo pops over to your table to share what he's prepared for the day – soups,...

Museum in Valverde

Casa de las Quinteras

At this cluster of small yellow-washed stone houses turned ethnographic museum, multilanguage exhibits on rural island life take in traditional clothing and ceramics, horse-riding equipment, a blacksmith's forge...

Canarian in Valverde

La Taberna de la Villa

Good, simple food, a welcoming atmosphere and a warm ochre-washed space collide in one of the most popular dining spots in town, just off the main plaza. Choose from, say, grilled herreño cheese with honey, papas...

Fiesta in Valverde

Fiestas de la Concepción

Concerts, fireworks and cultural acts build over a couple of weeks into Valverde’s major festival on 8 December, which honours the Virgen de la Inmaculada Concepción with religious celebrations and a big town party.

Square in Valverde

Plaza Quintero Núñez

The town's central, multilevel plaza hosts a couple of bars and restaurants, along with the graceful town hall (built in typical Canarian style) and the 18th-century Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Concepción.

Bar in Valverde

Tasca El Chavelazo

Opposite the town hall, this cavernous basement bar is Valverde's go-to night-time hangout (possibly the only one…), with moody lighting, thumping music, salsa and DJ nights and occasional live acts. Check the...

Fiesta in Valverde

Fiestas de San Isidro Labrador

Processions, live music and dance, sports tournaments and even lucha canaria (Canarian wrestling) held over several days in celebration of Valverde's patron saint, whose image is paraded around town on 15 May.

Cafe in Valverde


A friendly, low-key, contemporary cafe for pastries, cakes, good coffees and teas and tasty bocadillos (filled rolls) of El Hierro cheese with grilled veg.

Market in Valverde

Mercadillo de Valverde

Fuelled by locally sourced produce, Valverde's weekly market sets up shop opposite the hospital at the north end of town.