Top Choice Zoo in Winnipeg

Assiniboine Park Zoo

White snow leopards, white Bengal tigers and polar bears are some of the over 2000 animals seen close-up at Assiniboine Park Zoo, which specializes in animals indigenous to harsher climates. The new International Po…
Top Choice Historic Site in Winnipeg

Forks National Historic Site

In a beautiful riverside setting, modern amenities for performances and interpretive exhibits in this park outline the area's history as the meeting place of aboriginal people for centuries.The rivers routinely over…
Top Choice Museum in Winnipeg

Manitoba Museum

Nature trips through the subarctic, history trips into 1920s Winnipeg, cultural journeys covering the past 12,000 years – if it happened in Manitoba, it's here. Amid the superb displays are a planetarium and an enga…
Top Choice Museum in Winnipeg

St-Boniface Museum

A mid-19th-century convent is Winnipeg's oldest building and the largest oak-log construction on the continent. The museum inside focuses on the establishment of St-Boniface, the birth of the Métis nation, and the 3…
Top Choice Gallery in Winnipeg

Winnipeg Art Gallery

This ship-shaped gallery plots a course for contemporary Manitoban and Canadian artists, including the world's largest collection of Inuit work, alongside a permanent collection of European Renaissance art. Temporar…
Top Choice Museum in Winnipeg

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Housed in a stunning contemporary building designed by American architect Antoine Predock, this terrific museum explores human rights issues as they relate to Canada, its culture and the rest of the world through th…
Top Choice Park in Winnipeg

Oak Hammock Marsh

Smack in the middle of southern Manitoba's wetlands is this watery home and migratory stopping point for hundreds of thousands of birds and one of the best sanctuaries around. Springtime has diversity and autumn see…
Top Choice Park in Winnipeg

Assiniboine Park

Winnipeg's emerald jewel, this 4.5-sq-km urban park is easily worth at least a half-day's frolic. Besides the top-notch zoo, there are playgrounds, gardens, a conservatory and much more.
Park in Winnipeg

Fort Gibraltar

Behind wooden walls sits this recreated fur-trade fort. Along with inspired interpreters, real clothes, tools, furs, bunks, bannock and blacksmith shops give a sense of 1810-era life at the Forks, the fort's origina…
Park in Winnipeg

Fort Whyte

A vast, trail-laced natural site with an eco-focus; here you can spot bison, deer and other wildlife. Learn about sod houses and rent seasonal activity gear like snowshoes and canoes for modest rates. Even better, i…