Churchill Polar Bears Independent Adventure

Classic in Winnipeg

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Churchill, Manitoba on Hudson Bay is considered the polar bear capital of the world, and this two-day trip will introduce you to its star citizens in a little more comfort. Obviously, the polar bear is not the sort of animal you want to pat on the back, so we'll keep you safe and sound in a Tundra Buggy while still getting amazingly close to these awe-inspiring animals. A photographer's dream, a once-in-a-lifetime experience – superlatives can't express the feeling of seeing polar bears in their arctic home.

What’s included

  • Tundra Buggy ride to view polar bears and other arctic wildlife (1-day)
  • All transport between destinations and to/from included activities


  • Overnight in the polar bear capital of the world
  • Witness the gigantic beasts in their natural habitat
  • Make your friends jealous with stunning shots of arctic scenery
  • Experience a once-in-a-lifetime moment with these endangered animals


Day 1 Winnipeg/Churchill Churchill is a small, northern community with a lot of character; big-chain hotels or gourmet restaurants won’t be found here. Visitors will, however, find warm down-home hospitality and clean, comfortable hotels with all the amenities. Staying in town allows you to walk to and from different venues, spend some time on your own, and, perhaps, meet some of the locals. Churchill is located along the treeline of the northern edge of the boreal forest, and attracts arctic and boreal species of wildlife, birds, and plants. Commonly seen species include arctic and red foxes, arctic hare, caribou, gyrfalcons, snowy owls, ptarmigan, and, in the summer (June-Aug), beluga whales. Additional Notes: Meet at a private hanger in Winnipeg (located at 30 Hangar Line Road) for the early morning flight. A cold boxed breakfast will be served in-flight. Please arrive by no later than 6:45am to ensure you are on time for your flight. Transport: Plane (2.00 hour(s))
Day 2 Churchill/Winnipeg (1L) It will be an early start, but worth it. Get picked up at the hotel and be transferred to the Tundra Buggy launch at around 7:30am. Polar bears begin to swim ashore in mid-July. In October they begin to gather in numbers along the coast, waiting for pack ice to form over the Hudson Bay, at which point the bears disappear in search of seals. Churchill’s ‘bear season’ begins in early October and lasts until early November. Known as the “Lords of the Arctic,” these spectacular animals are massive with the average male polar bear growing to more than 600kg (1,320 lbs) and standing 3.05m (10 ft). While large, they are surprisingly quick and have great agility. The bears have a highly acute sense of smell and are skilled hunters - able to pick up a scent from more than 30km (19 mi) away. They can even detect the presence of seals under 3 ft (.9m) of snow and ice. Polar bears have no natural enemies and no fear of other animals (including humans). In the evening, transfer back to the airport for an evening flight back to Winnipeg. The group will then be transferred back to the Four Points by Sheraton (overnight not included) where the tour ends. Additional Notes: Hotel night in Winnipeg is not included. If you would like the night booked for you, please speak to your agent. Included Activities: Polar Bear Excursion Transport: Tundra Buggy Plane (2.00 hour(s))