Top things to do in Western Arctic

Top Choice Hill in Tuktoyaktuk

Pingo Canadian Landmark

The Tuk Peninsula has the world's highest concentration of pingos. Some 1350 of these huge mounds of earth-covered ice, that form only in a permafrost environment, dot the land. Two of these, nearest to Tuktoyaktuk,…
Top Choice Art in Inuvik

Great Northern Arts Festival

The North's top art festival draws carvers, painters and other creators from across the circumpolar world. It's great for buying Arctic art, watching it being made and participating in cultural events.
Top Choice French in Inuvik

Andre's Place

Andre is a classically trained chef who learned his craft in Paris and he shares his culinary skills every Wednesday and Friday. Expect fine dining in an intimate setting; the menu changes weekly (see the updated me…
Top Choice Canadian in Inuvik


This fantastic mom-and-pop place has single-handedly elevated Inuvik's dining scene. The menu is succinct and makes the most of fresh local produce. Feast on whitefish tacos, grilled salmon and reindeer chili on the…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Inuvik


The best arts-and-crafts shop in town, stocking plenty of soapstone and whalebone carvings as well as jewelry made of NWT diamonds. The art section focuses heavily on the dramatic, moody prints and cards by Yukon ar…
National Park in Western Arctic

Tuktut Nogait National Park

This wilderness is a major calving ground for bluenose caribou. It's an excellent place to observe birds of prey and has spectacular pingos, beautiful canyons and a magnificent waterfall. Parks Canada in Inuvik has …
National Park in Banks Island

Aulavik National Park

This seldom visited park has the world's largest concentration of musk ox, as well as tundra and archaeological sites. This is true Arctic wilderness, with zero infrastructure. Contact Parks Canada in Inuvik for det…
Village in Western Arctic


On the west side of the Mackenzie Delta, Aklavik ('barrenground grizzly place') was the region's administrative center before Inuvik took over. This Gwich'in, Inuvialuit and Métis community, and the grave of the Mad…
Notable Building in Tuktoyaktuk

Sod Houses

Toward the northern end of Tuk are examples of the traditional Inuvialuit igluryuaq (sod houses), made from driftwood and covered with sod. With a tunnel-like entrance, floors embedded into the permafrost, a cross-s…
Village in Western Arctic


Sitting on the shores of the Arctic Ocean on the western half of Victoria Island, Ulukhaktok (formerly Holman) is a small Inuvialuit community famous for two things: colorful Holman prints (Ulukhaktok prints), made …