Top things to do in Victoria

Top Choice Cafe in Victoria

Landmark Café

People come from miles around for the wonderful imaginative food at this family-run cafe. Prepared with wholesome ingredients, every colorful menu item from lasagnas and homemade soups to Cajun stir-fries and feta-s…
Pub in Victoria

Lobster Barn Pub and Eatery

This gorgeous little pub in an old barn is a great place for a beer, but the food's pretty special too – and yes, there's lobster on the menu!
Theater in Victoria

Victoria Playhouse

The ornate red velvet and gold theater at Victoria Playhouse presents a series of plays over the summer, with concerts from some of the region's finest musicians on Monday nights.
Museum in Victoria

Victoria Seaport Lighthouse Museum

This museum has an interesting exhibit on local history. If it's closed, get the key from the shop across the road.