Northwestern US in Kitsilano & University of British Columbia

Behind its '80s-style beige exterior, Bishop's pioneered West Coast cuisine long before 'locavore' was a word. In fact, legendary chef-owner John Bishop is still at the top of his game, serving top-notch dishes in an elegant white-tableclothed room. The seasonally changing menu can include Fraser Valley lamb, Haida Gwaii halibut and succulent veggies that taste as if they've just been plucked from the ground.

The service here is pitch-perfect, so stay a little longer and indulge in dessert: if you're lucky, it'll be rhubarb and rosemary panna cotta. And look out for the man himself: he'll almost certainly drop by your table to say hi and will sign a copy of his cookbook Fresh if you wave it in front of him. Reservations recommended.