Storm Crow Tavern

Top choice pub in Commercial Drive

Knowing the difference between Narnia and Neverwhere is not a prerequisite at this smashing Commercial Drive nerd pub. But if you do, you'll certainly make new friends. With displays of Dr Who figures and steampunk ray guns – plus a TV that always seems to be screening Game of Thrones – dive into the craft beer and settle in for a fun evening.

There's a small but perfectly formed menu of BC brews (plus some knowingly named cocktails including Romulan Ale and, of course, the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster), while the grub is of the cheap-and-cheerful burgers and wraps variety. There are also role-play books and a wall of board games for the so-inclined (if you know what Elfenland is, that means you). And if a wizard winks at you from a corner table, wink right back.