Storm Crow Alehouse

Top choice Pub

in Fairview & South Granville

The larger sibling of Commercial Dr's excellent nerd bar, this pub welcomes everyone from the Borg to beardy Lord of the Rings dwarfs. They come to peruse the memorabilia-studded walls (think Millennium Falcon models and a TARDIS washroom door), check out the role-playing games and dive into refreshments including Romulan Ale and Pangalactic Gargleblaster cocktails. Hungry? Miss the chunky chickpea fries at your peril.

It's not all about geek-based affectation here. This is a seriously good pub with an excellent array of BC craft beers and a menu of hearty pub fare. Drop in during happy hour (2pm to 5pm weekdays) for specials and your pick of the back-wall board games. And if the drinkers at the next table happen to be speaking Klingon, it's probably best to avoid eye contact.