Brassneck Brewery

Top choice microbrewery in Main Street

Image by John Lee Lonely Planet

Vancouver's favourite microbrewery concocted more than 50 different beers in its first six months of operating and continues to win new fans with an ever-changing chalkboard of intriguing libations with names like Bivouac Bitter, Stockholm Syndrome and Magician’s Assistant. Our recommendation? The delicious Passive Aggressive dry-hopped pale ale. Arrive early for a seat in the small tasting bar, especially on weekends.

Hungry? Couple your $8 sampler flight with a cured sausage or three from the jars on the counter. There's also a hidden table at the back of the room that's perfect for chatty shenanigans, and don't forget to peek through the holes punched in the wood-planked walls for a glimpse of the brewery beyond. A great pilgrimage spot for visiting beer fans. Pick up a Brassneck growler to go (filled of course) at the front; it'll keep you going for the rest of your visit.