Walking Tour: Drive Drink & Dine

  • Start St Augustine's
  • End Uprising Breads Bakery Cafe
  • Length 1km; an hour or three (depending on drinking)

From the Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain station, walk north one block to St Augustine's, a large local bar. You'll find one of the city's biggest arrays of draft microbrews from BC and beyond. If you haven't indulged too much, continue north on Commercial – don't worry, it's a straight line – and sober up with a coffee and a cookie at Prado, one of many popular Drive coffee shops. If you're packing your laptop, there's free wi-fi here. And if it suddenly feels like time for a snooze, continue walking north towards the mountains and lie back in the grass at Grandview Park – but not before you've checked out the handsome vistas to the north (those craggy-topped mountains) and west (the twinkling downtown cityscape).

Peel yourself from the park and nip next door to Euro-style Biercraft Tap & Tapas. Play it safe with a whiskey or work your way down the amazing menu of local and imported beers. Even better, forsake the booze and try a fortifying bowl of Belgian-style mussels. There's a side-patio here that's perfect on sunny days.

If you didn't eat at Biercraft, head across the road and drop into the cheery Caribbean-themed Reef. The hearty soul food here is nicely spicy. And if you're keen to stay on an even keel, the tropical cocktails also come in handy nonalcoholic versions.

Stroll a few doors along to salivate over the eclectic little Licorice Parlour. Aside from the dozens of imported varieties, it sells handmade hula-hoops (an ideal purchase unless your head is still reeling from the beer earlier). Gather a bag of licorice candies to go.

Continue north, making sure to check the murals painted on side-street walls on either side of you, and turn left onto Venables St. Within a minute or two, you'll come to Uprising Breads Bakery Cafe, a local favorite. Sit down with a coffee and cake and consider all the dinner options you've passed along the Drive. Now's the time to make a decision.