Combining excellent microbrewery tasting rooms with independent bars and coffeehouses, Main St is the kind of area where you can nurse a drink all afternoon while you type your latest travel-blog entry on your device. Bus 3 makes bar-hopping easy here; the service runs every few minutes up and down Main and also links you to downtown Vancouver.

Don't Miss: The Return of Brewery Creek

Mainland Brewery, Red Star Brewery, San Francisco Brewery and, of course, Vancouver Brewery. The names of the city's long-gone beer producers recall a time when Brewery Creek – an area radiating from Main St around 7th Ave – concocted the suds quaffed by many ale-loving Vancouverites. The area was named after a rolling creek that once powered water wheels at area breweries, but there are now few reminders of this beer-making golden age. But don't despair: Brewery Creek is back, with a tasty crop of brand new microbreweries popping up in recent years. And all of them have highly inviting tasting rooms.

Tucked into a refurbished space at one of the few remaining Vancouver Brewery buildings, Main Street Brewing combines an industrial-chic tasting room with a tempting roster of regular beers and ever-changing casks. Just around the corner on Main, Brassneck Brewery is many locals' number-one Vancouver beermaker; afternoons are a great time to avoid the crowds. A short walk away, 33 Acres Brewing Company has a white-walled tasting room that may be the chattiest bar in town. A short downhill stroll away, R&B Brewing has a rec-room vibe and great pizzas.