Live Music in Gastown & Chinatown

Rickshaw Theatre

Revamped from its grungy 1970s incarnation, the funky Rickshaw shows that Eastside gentrification can be positive. The stage of choice for many punk and indie acts, it's an excellent place to see a band. There's a h…
Theater in Gastown & Chinatown

Firehall Arts Centre

One of the leading players in Vancouver's independent theater scene, this intimate, studio-sized venue is located inside a historic former fire station. It presents culturally diverse contemporary drama and dance, w…
Live Music in Gastown & Chinatown

Pat's Pub

The Downtown Eastside's most-accessible dive bar started a century ago and has recently dusted off the jazz chops that saw Jelly Roll Morton play here back in the day. Monday night sees no-cover jazz shows from 8pm,…
Cinema in Gastown & Chinatown

Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas

Incongruously located on the 3rd floor of a usually half-empty Chinatown shopping mall, this popular Vancouver theater combines blockbuster and art-house offerings and is often used for film festivals. Comfy stadium…
Live Music in Gastown & Chinatown


A favorite underground venue, the Cobalt has transformed from being a grungy live venue to being a grungy live venue with a good roster of underground acts and events, including many that serve the local gay scene. …
Live Music in Gastown & Chinatown


An intimate live-music and club-night venue fusing tables and standing-room space, there's a revamped ballroom feel to this edge-of-Chinatown spot. Check the website to see what's coming up.