Top Choice Park in Downtown & West End

Stanley Park

This magnificent 404-hectare park combines excellent attractions with a mystical natural aura. Don’t miss a stroll or cycle (rentals near the W Georgia St entrance) around the 8.8km seawall: a kind of visual spa tre…
Top Choice Gardens in Fairview & South Granville

Bloedel Conservatory

Cresting the hill in Queen Elizabeth Park, this balmy, triodetic-domed conservatory is an ideal rainy-day warm-up spot, as well as Vancouver's best-value attraction. For little more than the price of a latte, you'll…
Top Choice Market in Yaletown & Granville Island

Granville Island Public Market

Granville Island's highlight is the covered Public Market, a multisensory smorgasbord of fish, cheese, fruit and bakery treats. Pick up some fixings for a picnic at nearby Vanier Park or hit the international food c…
Top Choice Museum in Main Street

Science World

Under Vancouver's favorite geodesic dome (okay, its only one), this ever-popular science and nature showcase has tons of exhibition space and a cool outdoor park crammed with hands-on fun (yes, you can lift 2028kg).…
Top Choice Museum in Kitsilano & University of British Columbia

Museum of Anthropology

Vancouver's best museum is studded with spectacular First Nations totem poles and breathtaking carvings – but it's also teeming with artifacts from cultures around the world, from Polynesian instruments to Cantonese…
Top Choice Gallery in Downtown & West End

Vancouver Art Gallery

The VAG has dramatically transformed since 2000, becoming a vital part of the city's cultural scene. Contemporary exhibitions – often showcasing Vancouver's renowned photoconceptualists – are now combined with block…
Top Choice Gallery in Main Street

Hot Art Wet City

Possibly the most fun you can have at a private gallery in Vancouver, trip up the stairs at this funky little space and you're guaranteed some eye-popping art to look at. Lowbrow and pop art is the usual focus, and …
Park in Downtown & West End

Nelson Park

A West End park beloved of local dog-walkers, this is also where you'll find the summer-long West End Farmers Market.
University in Kitsilano & University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia

The giant University of British Columbia is more than just your average college campus. Its 402-hectare grounds are part of an area called the University Endowment Lands and are set amid rugged shoreline forest. Thr…
Bridge in Kitsilano & University of British Columbia

Burrard Bridge

The Lions Gate Bridge gets all the kudos and much of the postcard space, but that's arguably due to being bookended by Stanley Park and the looming mountains. For many, the hulking green bridge itself is not nearly …