Yaletown & Granville Island in detail

Planning Tips

Top Tips

Granville Island is a good spot for urban birding. Check out the pond behind the Kids Market where ducks and Canada geese abound; expect plenty of chicks here in springtime. Follow the island's quieter southern shoreline from here and you'll likely spot a statue-still heron or two eyeing the water for fish. And don't miss the intricate iron-girder underside of Granville Bridge, where a large colony of busy cormorants nest and raise their young.

Local Experiences

  • Doughnuts The stalls and stands of Granville Island Public Market are crammed with tasty temptations, but if you only have belly room for one treat, make it a Honey Dip from legendary local maker Lee's Donuts.
  • Beer Most Granville Island Brewing beverages are now produced in factory quantities off-site, but savvy locals know the small-batch tipples still made on the island are superior. Hit the brewery's on-site liquor store and pick up a couple.
  • Steam Train The first transcontinental passenger train to arrive in Vancouver in 1887 was pulled by Engine 374, now housed in its own free-entry Yaletown pavilion. Drop by on May's Victoria Day for a cake celebration.
  • Sweet Treats Yaletown is lined with fancy restaurants but it's also home to Karameller Candy Shop, a small, hidden store lined with imported Swedish candy; sour lips recommended.
  • Theater Granville Island is the heart of Vancouver's theater scene and hosts several stages and festivals. Locals save money on shows by checking the daily half-price deals at www.ticketstonight.ca.