Music in Victoria

Ditch Records

A fave record store among the locals, Ditch is lined with tempting vinyl, plenty of CDs and many furtive musos perusing releases by acts like Frazey Ford and Nightmares on Wax. An ideal rainy-day hangout, if it sudd…
Books in Victoria

Munro's Books

Like a cathedral to reading, this high-ceilinged bookstore lures legions of locals and visitors who love communing with the written word. There's a good array of local-interest tomes, as well as a fairly extensive t…
Food in Victoria

Rogers' Chocolates

This charming, museum-like confectioner serves the best ice-cream bars, but repeat offenders usually spend their time hitting the menu of rich Victoria Creams, one of which is usually enough to substitute for lunch.…
Tea in Victoria

Silk Road

A pilgrimage spot for regular and exotic tea fans, you can pick up all manner of leafy paraphernalia here. Alternatively, sidle up to the tasting bar to quaff some adventurous brews. There's also a small on-site spa…
Food in Cowichan Bay

Hilary's Cheese

Now that cheesemaker Hilary himself has moved on, this inviting, wood-floored joint has become a purveyor of cheeses from around the world. And while the magic of having its own artisan maker is missed, there's stil…
Food in Cowichan Bay

True Grain Bread

Look for the old bicycle hanging over the entrance and follow your nose inside for your favorite fresh-baked loaf. From sourdough to raisin, they're all handcrafted, organic and milled on-site (from BC farmed grain)…
Books in Sidney

Beacon Books

A multi-room town center bookstore piled high with used tomes, all guarded by a house-cat who may or may not let you stroke her (probably not). Look out for the collection of vintage postcards then send one home, pr…
Books in Sidney

Tanner's Books

You can easily spend a leisurely afternoon perusing the selection at this cavernous corner bookshop with its large array of magazines and comprehensive travel-book section. They also organize evening book readings, …
Chocolate in Comox Valley

Dark Side Chocolates

Testament to Cumberland's hipster revival, this artisan choccie shop is a delicious delight. Everything is made on-site but don't miss the dainty salted caramel truffles and be sure to pick up a satisfying bar or tw…
Homewares in Victoria

Fantan Trading Ltd

A labyrinthine Chinatown store hawking everything from paper lanterns to fake bonsai trees, it's hard not to find something to buy here.