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Getting Around

Tickets & Passes

Paper tickets can be used, but it is cheaper and more convenient to travel on a PRESTO card: $2.90 a ride. Paper tickets to anywhere on the TTC subway, streetcar and bus network cost adult/child $3.25/free. Paper tickets are gradually being phased out in favour of PRESTO cards, and by about mid-2017 will no longer be in use.


  • The PRESTO card (www.prestocard.ca) is a smart card on which you can store credit toward prepay fares (and some passes outside of Toronto). They are valid across the whole Toronto Transit Corporation (TTC) light rail network, all downtown subway stations and the entire GO Transit/Train network.
  • You can buy and top-up PRESTO cards from credit card–only machines at subway stations or also with cash from GO stations, such as at Union Station.

Paper Tickets

  • Paper-only day passes ($12) give you unlimited travel on the entire TTC network. They are good value if you plan on making four or more rides; and they are excellent value on weekends, when up to two adults and four youths (19 years and under) can use one pass. Purchase them at TTC stations and some convenience stores.


  • You can transfer from one form of TTC transit to another for free using your PRESTO card, paper streetcar/bus ticket or by collecting a transfer ticket from automated dispensers near subway exits. You must be joining a connecting service in the same direction. Exact change is required for streetcars and buses.

Electronic Passes

  • Electronic day and group passes can be purchased on the TTCconnect app (www.ttc.ca/connect), which is especially convenient if you have no cash and need to take a streetcar or bus. You must show the pass on your phone on each ride – a flat battery might strand you!