G Stock Base Camp (No Golden Ticket)

, Toronto to Toronto
Image by G Adventures


Day 1: Day 1 Toronto (1D) Welcome to Toronto and G Stock 22! Check in at Base Camp and get ready for the first night of festivities at Hyper Hump Night. Additional Notes: If you see a person walking around the city in a G shirt and looking lost, please reach out and give them a hand! Included Activities: Welcome and Check-In Hyper Hump Night Transport: Meet outside Base Camp to walk over to Hyper Hump Night at The Ballroom (145 John Street). Walking

Day 2: Day 2 Toronto (1L) Discover Toronto during the Amazing G Race before bidding farewell to friends travelling to Niagara Falls! Additional Notes: Please be sure to check with your manager if you want to take part in the Amazing G Race. Included Activities: Amazing G Race

Day 3: Day 3 Toronto (1L) The day you've been waiting for! See what's coming up for the next year during The State of G Nation – check your email for the link to the live stream. Included Activities: The State of G Nation

Day 4: Day 4 Toronto No planned activities today – enjoy your Saturday!

Day 5: Day 5 Toronto Opt to watch a Blue Jays game, or enjoy a free day to explore "The 6ix". Additional Notes: You need to sign up for the game if you want a ticket – talk to G Force!

Day 6: Day 6 Toronto (1B, 1L) Get ready for a jam-packed day! Learn more about the different departments at G during Base Camp Boot Camp, chow down on street meet during the Base Camp BBQ, and cap it all off by showcasing your hidden talents at G's Got Talent. Tired yet? No? Good! Additional Notes: If you aren't joining a group for Base Camp Boot Camp, please be sure to be a great host when people visit your department. Look up from your computer, say hello, and give your department leads a hand. Included Activities: Base Camp Boot Camp Base Camp BBQ G's Got Talent

Day 7: Day 7 Toronto (1B, 1D) Take part in the Cultural Fair to learn about the different regions that G operates in! Tonight, join in on the World Tourism Day celebrations. Included Activities: Cultural Fair World Tourism Day Transport: Board shuttles and head to the World Tourism Day event in Toronto’s east end. Shuttles leave from the Intercontinental Hotel. Shuttle

Day 8: Day 8 Toronto That's it for G Stock 22! Until next year. Included Activities: Departure Day