Japanese in Toronto


The name means 'wave' (as in tsunami) – the neon wave on the outside of the building is unmissable and cool. Bustling about the black lacquered interior are kimono-clad hostesses and intense sushi chefs, who make on…
Japanese in Toronto

Mr Tonkatsu

Asking you to grind up your own sesame-seed rice topping might just be a trick to show you how authentic the place is, but it works. The crumbed pork (or chicken) is authentically crispy outside while juicy inside, …
Sushi in Toronto

Hiro Sushi

If sushi is your thing, good-humored Hiro is your man. This authentic Japanese sushi-ya prefers to operate on the traditional principle of omakase: leave it to the chef. If you do, a tantalizing journey awaits. Howe…
Japanese in Toronto


Hip young Japanese use the street-word 'guu' for 'good' or 'cool.' This so-named reproduction of a Japanese izakaya just moved from a packed Church St location but promises to be as lively. Come with friends for bee…
Japanese in Toronto

Okonomi House

Okonomi House is one of the only places in Toronto, and perhaps North America, dishing up authentic okonomiyaki (savory Japanese cabbage pancakes filled with meat, seafood or vegetables). A must for Japanophiles.