Noodles in Toronto

Kinton Ramen

Ramen noodles are practically a religion in Japan and they're becoming increasingly popular in Toronto. The cool brains behind this clever outfit leaped upon the bandwagon with their own distinct flavor: caramelized…
Burgers in Toronto

Burger's Priest

Some say Priest's simple burgers are the best in town: fresh ground beef, soft bun, grilled to perfection. A top choice: 'the Priest' (of course), crowned with a breaded portobello mushroom. Check the secret menu on…
Fish & Chips in Toronto


For a city as food-diverse as Toronto, there's a definite lack of good fish and chipperys. Chippy's is an exception: the fish is as fresh as you get in the big smoke, the chips are cut daily from Ontario and Prince …
Cafe in Toronto

Aunties & Uncles

There's usually a line on the sidewalk outside the picket fence of this always-bustling brunch/lunch joint with a simple menu of cheap and cheery homemade favorites. Plop yourself down in one of the mismatched chair…
Diner in Toronto

Patrician Grill

Built in the 1950s, the Patrician has been run by the same family since 1967 and looks the part. Photographers will have a field day with the neon outside and the original decor inside. Burgers, BLTs, bacon and eggs…
Cafe in Toronto

Rose and Sons Swan

Rose and Sons continues the Swan legacy of glammed-up diner classics in art-deco booths. The hummus eggs with fried cauliflower, honey butter hot sauce and pine nuts makes brunch special. Dinner goes international w…
Diner in Toronto

Avenue Open Kitchen

This cozy little joint off Spadina Ave feels like it's been here forever, but it's spotlessly clean and great value. Go on, have a BLT with cheese and a side of fries and gravy for your lunch: we dare you. Breakfast…
Diner in Toronto

Caplansky's Deli

All-day breakfasts and Montréal-style hot smoked-meat deli sandwiches are the claim to fame of this authentic Jewish deli, also serving rich meaty dinners and daily specials. The friendly folks won't make you feel l…
Cafe in Toronto

Dark Horse Espresso

Excellent coffee in a tall-ceilinged space, perfect for intensive writing or people-watching.
Food Hall in Toronto

Urban Eatery

More than just a food court, the Urban Eatery, in the basement level of the gargantuan Eaton Centre, has 24 outlets from fast food to seated dining. If you're at a pinch for something to eat and tired of walking, yo…