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Health & insurance

Before You Go

Health Insurance

Canada offers some of the finest health care in the world. However, unless you're a Canadian citizen, it can be prohibitively expensive. It's essential to purchase travel health insurance if your regular policy doesn't cover you when you're abroad. Check for supplemental insurance information.

In Toronto

Medical Services

Visitors to Canada have access to hospitals and clinics, but they're not covered under Ontario's provincial health plan. It's highly recommended that travelers purchase travel health insurance, especially since medical-care costs can be exorbitant.

Emergency Rooms

Toronto has several 24-hour emergency rooms, most in Downtown Yonge:

Dental Emergency Services Open 8am–midnight only.

Hospital for Sick Children

Mount Sinai Hospital

St Michael's Hospital

Toronto General Hospital


The concierge, front desk or host at your accommodation should be able to refer you to a local physician.

Hassle Free Clinic

Women's College Hospital

Tap Water

Toronto's tap water is clean and safe to drink. It goes through an extensive treatment process and is continually tested for quality. For more info, check the city's website (