Toronto in detail


Torontonians are a fairly laid-back, friendly crowd and aren't easily offended; however, some rules of etiquette do apply:

  • Courtesy Please, thank you, and sorry are highly valued words. Use them. Bumping into someone without apologizing or not thanking someone for holding the door is considered very disrespectful.
  • Winter In winter, when someone is about to enter a building you're exiting, let him or her in first; they're a lot colder than you are.
  • Patriotism Commenting that Canadians and Americans aren’t much different is considered highly offensive.
  • Queues While Torontonians usually just tut when dismayed, jumping ahead in line can prompt full-on shouts.
  • Shoes Remove your shoes or boots and place them in the tray (plateau) provided in homes and B&Bs. Footwear brings in grit, mud and, in the winter, salt, which can damage carpets and wooden floors.