Top Choice Museum in Sydney

Cape Breton Miners' Museum

Glace Bay, 6km northeast of Sydney, would be just another fading coal town were it not for this exceptional museum, the highlight of which is the 'Men of the Deeps' adventure under the seafloor to visit decommission…
Historic Building in Sydney

St Patrick's Church Museum

Built in 1828 in the Pioneer Gothic style, St Patrick's Church is the oldest Catholic church on Cape Breton Island and now houses a museum recounting Sydney's religious past.
Historic Building in Sydney

Jost Heritage House

Jost Heritage House features a collection of model ships and an assortment of medicines used by an early 20th-century apothecary.
Historic Building in Sydney

Cossit House

Built in 1787, Cossit House is the oldest house in Sydney and one of the oldest surviving buildings in Nova Scotia.
Museum in Sydney

Cape Breton Centre for Heritage & Science

This humble local history center explores the social and natural history of Cape Breton Island.