Top Choice Italian in Sudbury

Respect is Burning

This self-proclaimed supper club's focus is on rustic Tuscan cuisine but chefs aren't shy about getting experimental. The ever-shifting menu promises bursting flavors with every bite. Weekend evenings feature delect…
Cafe in Sudbury

Motley Kitchen

Sudbury's most popular brunch spot serves unlikely dishes such as breakfast burritos, Welsh rarebit, Croatian crêpes, and French toast stuffed with bananas and Nutella or strawberries and yogurt. Plates are garnishe…
Italian in Sudbury

Pasta e Vino

So it's not the best Italian restaurant in the world, but there's a lovely vibe about this quaint pasta joint in a little house on the edge of downtown. The pasta menu is split between red- and white-sauce dishes, f…
Fast Food in Sudbury

Deluxe Hamburgers

McDonald's (opposite) has the golden arches; Deluxe has the golden arch. So maybe the concept isn't original, but this diner and drive-through is a 56-year-old blast from the past and a local institution.