Top Choice French in Stratford


Classy and delightful, this French joint has a different prix-fixe menu written on the chalkboard each evening. The locally sourced meals might include quail, heirloom tomato salad or Lake Huron whitefish ceviche. C…
Sandwiches in Stratford

York Street Kitchen

This cozy kitchen serves up showstopper sandwiches on homemade bread, brie fritters, salads, quiches and desserts. Try the 'Mennonite' sandwich: sausage, cheddar, corn relish, tomato, honey mustard, mayo and lettuce…
Indian in Stratford


Challenging Stratford's demure Anglo tastes with funky lashings of chili and spice, Raja plates up super curries, soups, salads, breads, and vegetarian and tandoori dishes and serves them on white linen. Staff are d…
European in Stratford

Mercer Hall

This stylish artisanal eatery features a fantastic brunch menu and seasonal dinner delights such as beef brisket, aged bison and a delicious lentil and vegetable curry.
Fast Food in Stratford

Boomer's Gourmet Fries

Crazy, weird, killer, delicious, amazing, irresistible, to die for: all have been used to describe the fries, poutines, burgers and fried creations that come out of this kooky and friendly little joint. Jump on the …